RUSNANOPRIZE 2013 Will Be Awarded for “Nanomaterials and Surface Modification”

According to the RUSNANO Board decision, in 2013 the Award will be given for achievements in the field of “Nanomaterials and Surface Modification”. This sphere of science traditionally differs by great demand for nanotechnology research and is important for the development of some industries of key importance for Russia.

The monetary part of the Award will make 3 million rubles. It will be handed over to the researcher or a group of researchers — authors of a science or technological development or invention in the sphere of nanotechnologies implemented in mass production with an annual output volume of not less than $10 million.

The Winner of the Award will not only be the author of the development, but also the company to be the first to apply the given development in mass production or achieve commercial success due to its introduction.

Nominants for participation in the competition can be suggested by Russian and foreign organizations, and also individuals except for the members of the Award Committee.Self-nominationis also allowed.

The RUSNANOPRIZE Award is intended to promote integration of business requirements and interests of the scientific community, and also wide social recognition of the importance of practical application of nanotechnologies. It contributes to the development of experimental and applied scientific research and studies in the area of nanotechnologies and their introduction in manufacture, to international cooperation in the given industry, social recognition of the role of individual scientists, developers and teams having implemented scientific research results in practice.

The Award Board accepts applications for the RUSNANOPRIZE competition till August 20, 2013.

The Prize is awarded to researchers, scientists and developers (up to three people) being the authors of scientific-technological discovery or discoveries in the field of nanotechnologies, and to the company being the first to apply the discovery (discoveries) to mass production with the annual turnover of at least $10 million and reached business success through the application of the discovery (discoveries).

“The International Prize in Nanotechnology is an acknowledgement of the services of scientists and developers who have laid the theoretical foundations for new technology, and the companies whose products help determine the image of our modern world. It is very important to remember that any new technology is not simply a matter of one or two days, but a process that requires many years, and the efforts of dozens, even hundreds of talented, hardworking people—scientists, engineers, and businesspeople.”

Zhores I. Alferov, Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics

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