Portuguese nanotechnology firm is launched at largest medical fair in Dubai

Smart Inovation, a company producing nanoparticles, located in Barcelos, participated for the first time in the HBMeU Congress 2014 (the largest event in the field of health and the environment of the Middle East) to intensify contacts with the international scientific community and potential clients or prospects.
Towards the end of 2013, Smart Inovation defined in its strategic plan the need to internationalize the SI technology and establish partnerships worldwide so that it may reach people, companies, institutions and organizations all over the world. Further participation in various events among other activities are being contemplated. Following the invitation to present its SI technology, SI agreed to participate in the HBMeU Congress 2014- Health and Environment Conference in the Middle East, which took place in the famous Hotel Atlantis The Palm, located on the famous artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, in Dubai.
Several clinical directors and managers of large hospitals in the Middle East who were present at the fair showed great interest in the SI technologies, in particular, the ones used in the medical field. With its own space at the fair, the company established various business contacts in order to sell its products and find distributors for different countries in the region.
Smart Inovation introduced itself as a R&D company that develops solutions in the field of nanotechnology and is based in Barcelos. Its mission is to develop and provide technology for the functionalization of materials which defy the established rules and paradigms, allowing industries to incorporate added value to their products directly providing new markets and gains in competitiveness. It has a center at an industrial scale for the production of nanoparticles with an average production capacity of 100 Tons/month.
It has developed an innovative and unique technology based on nanotechnology. The SI technology consists of a matrix of nanoparticles that can transport active substances. This matrix is able to bind to various materials giving them new properties and characteristics. Currently, it has solutions for applications such as: textiles, paints, varnishes, paper etc… Examples of these are: Repel Mosquito, Bactericidal, Mites, Athlete´s Foot, Diabetic Foot, Chilblains and Termites, among others.
Smart Inovation intends to occupy a prominent place in this innovative field of functionalized nanoparticles for applications in health. Its products are eco friendly and safe for the health and efficacy tests have been performed by various institutions and doctors such as the IHMT- Institute of Hygiene and tropical Medicine, SIRI Life Sciences. In the United States alone, about 1,7 million hospital infections occur annually causing approximately 100 thousand deaths per year. These costs would be lessened significantly with the use of the Bactericidal developed by Smart Inovation in hospitals, health centers and clinics, when applied in bed clothing and hospital staff uniforms.
Clinical and hospital directors of the Middle East present at the fair showed great interest in the SI technologies.


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